What Is Fleet Insurance & How Does It Work?

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What Is Fleet Insurance & How Does It Work?

Fleet Insurance is an Insurance Policy that covers multiple vehicles at once.

  • Businesses – If you are a business owner you may own various types of vehicles for work and pleasure purposes.
  • Family – Fleet insurance is not just for business owners, if your household owns more than 2 vehicles you may qualify for our family fleet insurance policy.

Fleet insurance is designed to be efficient and easier to manage, compared to numerous different insurance policies for individual vehicles.

What cover is available?

  • Comprehensive – Covering damage caused to your own or third-party vehicles and property because of an accident, be it fault or non-fault.
  • Third Party Fire & Theft – Covering all third-party vehicles and property against damage and covering your own vehicles against damage from fire and theft only.
  • Third Party Only – Covering damage to all third-party vehicles and property but giving no protection for your own vehicles.
  • Windscreen Cover – Covering both windscreen replacements and repairable chips.
  • Foreign Use – Covering your vehicles whilst driving on the continent.
  • Flexible Payment Options – We can offer numerous split payment options including direct debit or payment directly to our office.

What types of vehicles can you Insure?

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • HGV & Trucks
  • Agricultural Vehicles


Simple Actions To Help Reduce Your Premium

  • Go for smaller vehicles – the smaller the vehicle and engine size will result in

reduced premiums.

  • Store your vehicles safely – Keep vehicles in a secure locked garage/compound or off the road.
  • Insure drivers with good records – The older and more experienced the driver the lower the premium, drivers over the age of 25 are cheaper to insure.
  • Limit the vehicle use – i.e. no hazardous or toxic materials.
  • Voluntary Excess – Increasing the voluntary excess can reduce your premium.
  • Use Electric or Hybrid Vehicles – These vehicles can sometimes reduce the premium because they’re more environmentally friendly.