The major brands embracing eco-friendly packaging

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The major brands embracing eco-friendly packaging

The major brands embracing eco-friendly packaging

Whilst attention has been drawn to packaging and plastic pollution exponentially over the past year, there is still so much more that can be done. We take a look at how manufacturers and suppliers are reducing or amending the packaging for their products in order to respond to public demand, whilst doing their part to protect the environment.

Getting it Just Right

Just Water has released a water bottle which is contained in a paper-based bottle with a plant-based cap created from sugarcane. Their bottle is 100% recyclable whilst retaining the quality and purity of the water inside. Whilst plastic water bottles are considered recyclable, it’s thought that only 1% of plastic is recycled more than once and most ends up as waste.  Just Water has also found shipping their product to be more efficient as they can pack them into large rolls, meaning one truck can transport 1.5 million bottles, in comparison to the 13 trucks required for plastic bottles.

The plastic pledge

Major supermarket retailer, Iceland, has pledged to become plastic free by 2023 and has already started to make changes. They’ve amended their ready meal street food ranges to be sold in paper-based trays, saving 850 tonnes of non-recyclable black plastic to date.  It’s evident that if such major results can be produced from making changes to one range in one supermarket – if everyone gets on board – this could make a major positive impact on our plastic footprint.

A golden promise 

McDonalds is also concerned with reducing their own unnecessary packaging with a similar pledge. They’ve stated that by 2025, ‘100% of all guest packaging will come from renewable, recycled or certified sources and [their] goal is to recycle guest packaging at all restaurants.’

Causing a ripple effect?
Adidas is working with ocean-activists, Parley, in order to repurpose ocean plastic into high-performance footwear. Their aim is to clean up the ocean from non-degradable plastics such as microbeads, plastic bags and other plastic waste. The shoes are created from upcycled plastic waste from beaches and plastic which is intercepted before it reaches the ocean in coastal communities.

Packing a purpose 

Six-pack beer plastic packaging has been responsible for the death of 1,000,000 seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals per year since 1987.  Now, Saltwater Brewery has decided to make the once dreaded six-pack packaging a friend to the ocean, rather than a foe. To do this they have implemented a marine-friendly edible six-pack ring to package their beers. This can safely be consumed by all marine life and dissolves completely within 2 hours of being in the water.

If you work in the manufacturing or supply industry, you might be starting to think about how you can reduce or amend your own packaging. Whether this is by using 100% recyclable materials, reducing the amount of packaging you use or something else, the changes you make could have a major bearing on your business and reputation. If you want to discuss your ideas and the impact this will have on your insurance policy, contact one of our friendly team at Thornhill Insurance Brokers on 01924 499182 and we will be happy to talk you through your options.