Why Use An Insurance Broker?

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Why Use An Insurance Broker?

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Having worked previously for one of the top 5 direct insurance companies in the UK, I never quite understood why people used a broker. I have now been working at Thornhill Insurance Brokers for 5 months and already I understand the important role an Insurance Broker has in both the insurance industry and for providing service and value to their clients.


One of the standout differences between going directly to an insurer or using comparison sites, and using an insurance broker is the service that is provided.

Insurance Brokers offer what direct insurers rarely can, which is a personal service. When dealing with Thornhill Insurance Brokers, you can speak to the same person, so you don’t have the task of explaining everything every time you get through to a new call handler in a large and faceless call centre. The ease of speaking to one person that understands you, your business and your needs is invaluable.

One of the most important things to remember is at Thornhill Insurance Brokers we work for you! We are here to provide you with the most suitable and competitive insurance we can find whilst offering first class service.


When going directly to an insurer, they can only offer you one product, theirs. Insurance Brokers have access to a wider marketplace, this means that even with the most complex risks, we can locate the right insurer for you that offers the right policy and premium. With the help from our dedicated and experienced insurance executives we can tailor policies to your needs so you can be sure you have the cover you require.

Claim Support

Making a claim can be daunting, when dealing with insurers and loss adjusters, brokers will work with the insurer on your behalf and do their best to make sure that the claim process is smooth and hassle free. Customer service is at the forefront of our business and with over 40 years of experience as an Insurance Broker we have the expertise to work with insurers on your behalf.


One common misconception surrounding insurance brokers is that you will be paying a premium for using their services and therefore it will be more expensive than going directly to an insurer.

This isn’t the case; insurers are often able to offer brokers different pricing to direct clients which can mean that the prices can be more competitive than going directly! Insurance brokers have access to a wide range of products and insurers and having the right cover can often be more cost effective than paying for something you do not actually need.

On the whole, using an insurance broker can have great benefits and we are sure that once you make the change to a broker you won’t look back! I would welcome the opportunity to have a chat through some of the services that we offer at Thornhill Insurance Brokers!


If you are interested in a chat, please give the team a call on 01924 499182